What happens IF you don’t sell that customer today?

25 05 2007

So often in the different companies I work with they use HOPE as the number one tool to get the customer to come back. That’s right the do nothing to help guide the customer back in. They feel that if the customer comes back then it was meant to be and they did a good job. Well let me tell you a big secret (that you already know) people forget. I do it and so do you there is simply to much we HAVE to remember and our brains aren’t getting any bigger. So no matter how great you, your business, or your product are if that customer leaves and you only have the memory of what the were interested in. Your pretty much outta luck .

I trying to drive this point home because you MUST, MUST, MUST create a follow up system to touch base with those people to remind them of what they like while they were with you. Look at your business–How many people per day are first timers? how many do you sell on the first try? How many people on avg of previous lookers come back in? multiply your daily numbers x 30 for monthly.

Those numbers should make you sick if your interested to increasing profits. In all honesty though even the BEST businesses has a 66% failure rate when looking people that look at you and those who even up deciding to buy from you. Now most business owners are scared to look at what they are missing because they A)don’t know how to do anything with it to improve the circumstances or B)Are doing so incredibly well every day the don’t care, they can’t keep up with what they got(LUCKY DUCKS) Now I am going to drastically change for the better of course by getting you to fundamentally realize one amazing fact.

All you need to do is REMIND potential customers not to forget about you. Yes its sounds really STUPID and EASY but the best things in life are always the simplest ones. This one GEM has made me and every business owner that uses it A TON of money. Look at it this way.
How much is one sale worth to you? two or three? Look at the 66+% of lost sales earlier. You only need one or two to improve your bottom line. Lost customers are pure profit. So create a follow up form(contest entry, profile to serve you, referral credit—if your interested in how tell me). Then use it with every body that you deal with . Then create a follow up system. Send out thank you for considering me immediately after they leave and call them in 3 to 5 days and reintroduce yourself, remind them what they like about the product and then as them if in the past few days have they thought of any more questions.

1st you reminded them. 2nd they’ll feel that you cared enough to call. 3rd you asked if you could help them again which makes them feel important. Buy the way those three simple things aren’t separate they COMPOUND upon each other. They do one big thing get that person to have confidence in your business which WILL bring in more sales.


IPN#1 (Increase Profits Now)–In the starting block–READY, SET and ….

20 05 2007

These IPN posts are going to be the quickest, simplest, and shortests ways to start making more money for you business TODAY. I forgot the best part ever single idea is FREE to implement , will take less than 20 minutes a day to do unless you feel inspired to do more and you begin seeing the results in as little as 10 days. My only little warning is these are going to seem so simple that you don’t see how it will happen. Every idea in this section I have either used myself or seen some implement it with almost NO failure rate. Thats right I said these Gems will always work in all businesses. The reason is more about the consistency of doing it every day than originality of the idea.

These ideas will be appearing on a weekly basis. But first I’m going to give you homework to do so we can really get started with a BANG. this is the foundation with all future ideas will be built and /or measured upon. This single idea (if you havent done it already) will truely impact the future of your business FOREVER even if you don’t do the next IPN. Now again I am NOT claiming to be the creator of ANY of these ideas myself unless I stat otherwise. These are what has worked through out histosy for the Best and the brightest business people of all time.

I’m calling this the BASELINE and keep it handy you will be using often as the proof that these will work over and over again. Even though I be numbering them they don’t have to be done in any order and they can be repeated whenever you wish. Here goes–get a 3X5 index card and write down (each number get a new line) no these dont have to be exact however the more defined you can get the better it will be for you. 1–How many items and Avg $ amount of each sale 2–# of sales in a regular week 3–# of new prospect in a week 4–% and $ of profit on avg sale 5–mnth to mnth or yr to yr are you growing, mantaining or losing money on your total sales and your individial sales and finally 6–how much more profit % and or $ would you like to be making (of course be realistic). Now hide the card where only you can find it. Congratulations your done until next week with IPN#2 –GO, GO, GO

How do your customers see your company?

18 05 2007

Your probrably saying now I’d love to know that Tom but I can’t read their mind so i’m outta luck. Well I have a great simple and free tool that takes practically no time. The only thing you need to do is COMPLETELY forget that you are the business owner for 10 minutes ( if you can’t do this get somebody else –family member , friend or employee to help). The reason I say completely is if you don’t the answers you will find will be JADED by your rationalizing(Rational-LIES) how those things got to be that way instead of just letting go of it and only figuring out which ways you can make it better. If you can have yourself and somebody else do this and share notes.

Now we are going to play little game you used to play as a child (I’m not insane or trying to waste your time —I am going to help improve your customer experience and your bottom line) It called pretend your somebody else –remember when you wanted to be a grown up as a child or played cowboys and indians. Now after you’ve FORGOTTEN you have anything to do with this business you going to pretend that you are your customer coming into your business. Step #1 in to leave take a walk, get coffee or go out to lunch this will help clear you perspective.STEP#2 – FOCUS on the fact your a 1st time customer thats interested in possibly doing business with YOUR company. Know try your best to look at ever thing blindly as a first time customer would. If you have trouble with this thought just think of the last time you went into a new company to buy something yourself. Step #3– How would a customer make an intial contact website, phone, or walkin etc? Step#4 Ask your questions of your five senses from a brand new customers perspective? Look at how you feel (comfortable, anxious etc) and look at where you are focusing –as the customer would be. What do you hear? Smell? Touch?
The reason for this exercise is see the world through your customers eyes to gain perspective on how to serve them better, faster, and cleaner etc. The more honest you are the better. Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to see a glaring problem just remember at least you see it now and can correct it. Just answer this one question. Are you putting your best foot forward for your customers or is there something you could do to make it better?

If you want proof this works go to a casino and look with your senses. They have maximized this process(busy carpet or no clocks on the walls ) to get you to do one thing spend more money faster. Of course there is the oppposite which is when a company truly doesnt care about the customer. I’m sure you’ve dealt with a company that you felt made it hard for you to do business with them (ex. their size they put “rules ” in place that basically screw the customer and never look why customers leave until its to late).

This is going to take a few trys and its good to get others to do it with you and share notes different perspectives can only help with this exercise. Is should only take 5 or 10 minutes but it can mean a world of difference when it comes to how comfortable your customers feel. The more comfortable your customers feel the relaxed the will be and the easier it will feel to them and you to do business.

Do this exercise often and you be on you way to customers raving to friends or coworkers. With comments such as “how simple it is to do business with you” or “how comfortable you make them feel” you’ll begin to see them buy more, more often and want to refer others to you.

How to create more business with wasted time

17 05 2007

Often times business owners are trying to maximize their most profitable periods(ex Christmas time for retailers) but when you ask them about their slow periods they chalk it up as a loss. They reason that if they look at what their competition is doing and they are slow then that’s just the way the industry is now which is true. However what if you could be bringing in sales while your competition is sitting on their tucus waiting for things to change? Well you can and its easier and much cheaper(can you say FREE) than you may think. First its a matter of changing your thought process when things are slow. Accept this core belief during slow times “If I continue to accept what I have in the past then i’m going to continue to get what i’ve always got no sales during slow periods.”Then get CREATIVE by asking yourself empowering questions to get the goals you want(aka–more customers). Now there are an unlimited number of questions you can ask. Find ones that are open ended meaning they can’t be answered with yes or no or one word answers. Also make sure they are worded for a positive outcome (ex don’t ask how come customers aren’t here? instead ask what can I do now to get more customers in here?). Remember we are trying to find NEW ways to increase sales not to reinforce the reasons why their are no sales. Write down all your ideas and try a few everyday. If your coming up with some crazy ideas your doing GREAT. Some of the craziest ideas work great and your completely thinking OUTSIDE the box of mediocrity which is great. I’ll being doing another post on judging which will work and why.

Just remember–instead of accepting the NORM find new ways to increase foot traffic during slow times and you’ll become more profitable then your competition easily.

My goal is to eXcite or agitate you

13 05 2007

Why? Because then I know that your listening and most importantly PAYING ATTENTION so that I can help you to see ways you can make more money with your business. If I happen to annoy you then great I’ve stuck a cord that I can definately help to find a solution to. If you happen to become inspired by what I write then I’m grateful to be a some value to you.

Now on the other hand if you read these posts and say that nice or i’ve heard that exact thing and my ideas Don’t Help I won’t be around long.

<>Rule #1 of this blog is TELL me What you REALLY think. If I’m amazing or if you think I suck after reading a few of my ideas. I appreciate any and all help I can get.

<>Thank you, Tom