How to create more business with wasted time

17 05 2007

Often times business owners are trying to maximize their most profitable periods(ex Christmas time for retailers) but when you ask them about their slow periods they chalk it up as a loss. They reason that if they look at what their competition is doing and they are slow then that’s just the way the industry is now which is true. However what if you could be bringing in sales while your competition is sitting on their tucus waiting for things to change? Well you can and its easier and much cheaper(can you say FREE) than you may think. First its a matter of changing your thought process when things are slow. Accept this core belief during slow times “If I continue to accept what I have in the past then i’m going to continue to get what i’ve always got no sales during slow periods.”Then get CREATIVE by asking yourself empowering questions to get the goals you want(aka–more customers). Now there are an unlimited number of questions you can ask. Find ones that are open ended meaning they can’t be answered with yes or no or one word answers. Also make sure they are worded for a positive outcome (ex don’t ask how come customers aren’t here? instead ask what can I do now to get more customers in here?). Remember we are trying to find NEW ways to increase sales not to reinforce the reasons why their are no sales. Write down all your ideas and try a few everyday. If your coming up with some crazy ideas your doing GREAT. Some of the craziest ideas work great and your completely thinking OUTSIDE the box of mediocrity which is great. I’ll being doing another post on judging which will work and why.

Just remember–instead of accepting the NORM find new ways to increase foot traffic during slow times and you’ll become more profitable then your competition easily.




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