IPN#1 (Increase Profits Now)–In the starting block–READY, SET and ….

20 05 2007

These IPN posts are going to be the quickest, simplest, and shortests ways to start making more money for you business TODAY. I forgot the best part ever single idea is FREE to implement , will take less than 20 minutes a day to do unless you feel inspired to do more and you begin seeing the results in as little as 10 days. My only little warning is these are going to seem so simple that you don’t see how it will happen. Every idea in this section I have either used myself or seen some implement it with almost NO failure rate. Thats right I said these Gems will always work in all businesses. The reason is more about the consistency of doing it every day than originality of the idea.

These ideas will be appearing on a weekly basis. But first I’m going to give you homework to do so we can really get started with a BANG. this is the foundation with all future ideas will be built and /or measured upon. This single idea (if you havent done it already) will truely impact the future of your business FOREVER even if you don’t do the next IPN. Now again I am NOT claiming to be the creator of ANY of these ideas myself unless I stat otherwise. These are what has worked through out histosy for the Best and the brightest business people of all time.

I’m calling this the BASELINE and keep it handy you will be using often as the proof that these will work over and over again. Even though I be numbering them they don’t have to be done in any order and they can be repeated whenever you wish. Here goes–get a 3X5 index card and write down (each number get a new line) no these dont have to be exact however the more defined you can get the better it will be for you. 1–How many items and Avg $ amount of each sale 2–# of sales in a regular week 3–# of new prospect in a week 4–% and $ of profit on avg sale 5–mnth to mnth or yr to yr are you growing, mantaining or losing money on your total sales and your individial sales and finally 6–how much more profit % and or $ would you like to be making (of course be realistic). Now hide the card where only you can find it. Congratulations your done until next week with IPN#2 –GO, GO, GO




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