What happens IF you don’t sell that customer today?

25 05 2007

So often in the different companies I work with they use HOPE as the number one tool to get the customer to come back. That’s right the do nothing to help guide the customer back in. They feel that if the customer comes back then it was meant to be and they did a good job. Well let me tell you a big secret (that you already know) people forget. I do it and so do you there is simply to much we HAVE to remember and our brains aren’t getting any bigger. So no matter how great you, your business, or your product are if that customer leaves and you only have the memory of what the were interested in. Your pretty much outta luck .

I trying to drive this point home because you MUST, MUST, MUST create a follow up system to touch base with those people to remind them of what they like while they were with you. Look at your business–How many people per day are first timers? how many do you sell on the first try? How many people on avg of previous lookers come back in? multiply your daily numbers x 30 for monthly.

Those numbers should make you sick if your interested to increasing profits. In all honesty though even the BEST businesses has a 66% failure rate when looking people that look at you and those who even up deciding to buy from you. Now most business owners are scared to look at what they are missing because they A)don’t know how to do anything with it to improve the circumstances or B)Are doing so incredibly well every day the don’t care, they can’t keep up with what they got(LUCKY DUCKS) Now I am going to drastically change for the better of course by getting you to fundamentally realize one amazing fact.

All you need to do is REMIND potential customers not to forget about you. Yes its sounds really STUPID and EASY but the best things in life are always the simplest ones. This one GEM has made me and every business owner that uses it A TON of money. Look at it this way.
How much is one sale worth to you? two or three? Look at the 66+% of lost sales earlier. You only need one or two to improve your bottom line. Lost customers are pure profit. So create a follow up form(contest entry, profile to serve you, referral credit—if your interested in how tell me). Then use it with every body that you deal with . Then create a follow up system. Send out thank you for considering me immediately after they leave and call them in 3 to 5 days and reintroduce yourself, remind them what they like about the product and then as them if in the past few days have they thought of any more questions.

1st you reminded them. 2nd they’ll feel that you cared enough to call. 3rd you asked if you could help them again which makes them feel important. Buy the way those three simple things aren’t separate they COMPOUND upon each other. They do one big thing get that person to have confidence in your business which WILL bring in more sales.




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