IPN#2–The one time BLAST

6 06 2007

Grab your existing customer list(you better have one) and do one time sale blast. Make it only for a very limited time and only for the people who receive the offer. Make these participants feel special (ex by telling them only specific people where selected to receive this offer and they are one of the chosen few). Figure out the product that they would value most and then give them a price they know they won’t beat anytime or anywhere. The idea is to take a loss on the product or breakeven to do 1 of 3 things and if you can do more your really going to be happy.

First is the add on sale either from the customer or from your suggestion. Second is to build customer confidence for a future purchases(believing you have the best price of anybody of bringing in friends to shop with them). Or third getting them to just purchase more or upgrade to the better model. There are more benefits that will increase your business all the way around.

The way to see how well you do is to employ tracking for the list and talk to your customers as they come in. Ask them how did they find out about you. Also track you overall sales year over year and size of the average sale. The more specific tracking you can do the better because you be able to figure how to make it more powerful next time.

My warning is this DON’T overuse this technique it will completely back fire on you. So the more planing you can do the better it will pay off for you. Now go make some money!!




2 responses

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

15 12 2007

Thanks for your response. I’m interested though to hear why you don’t agree.

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