TRUE reasons people dont buy from you?

9 06 2007

Most owners and sales people believe that the number one reason why people don’t buy is price. WRONG. Sure thats what the customer tells you but they usually are saying that to buy themselves one thing–Time which creates space enough to make the decision on their terms and for their reasons. So how do I know i’ve asked customers after I’ve lost the sale. So my pain and loss will help you to see the truth.

—They forgot about me when they made the decision(because I didn’t follow up in time)

—-The decisions time table got pushed up (what was a im just looking got turned in a need it NOW sooner than one of us realized)

<>–I found a better product somewhere else(either they really did or I didn’t do my job)

<>—My wife/husband didn’t feel like coming back in so we got it where they went(yes this actually happens ALOT in other words you where selling to the wrong person)

–they decided they don’t need it(either they’ll do without or they have decided to put the decision off indefinitely)

Now I will add to this list over time. If your in sales in any way shape or form here is a great motivating fact in look at lost opportunities “People always buy at the last place they shop” That is a very simple truth that was extremely hard for me to grasp until I created a great question to turn it around. Ask yourself what am I doing to make sure i’m that last place my customers shop at?




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