10 Ways to KILL your business FAST

11 06 2007

These are the ways people probrably don’t consider until its to late. I love sharing about things in business that always work. However I am constantly reminded by bad business owners what you should NEVER do unless you want to go broke, lose customers or just plummet in general. This lesson is just important if not more than what works. So avoid these land mines at all costs only takes one to do the work and the more you do the faster it’ll ruin you.

1.Hire selfish employees(people that only care about themselves hurt everybody around them and are probrably sabatoging your business. Either they are stealing or just being hard to work with)
2.Holding on people who have negative attitudes (yes they are affecting EVERYBODY like a disease and costing you a ton–fire them to find out how much)

3.Treating any customers or employees rudely(once you offend somebody they’ll never want to work with you but they will really work against you)

4.Stop caring about your business(Believing that it will take care of itself it the biggest line of @##$ EVER.)

5.Don’t properly acknowledge customers (if they feel like you don’t care they are there , they won’t be there long)

6.Stop listening to your customers (ex people who return your product and tell you why it sucks. You should always be learning how to make it better and people complaining actually is helping you. So stop trying to defend yourself and listen especially if its something you don’t want to hear it just may save you)

7.Charging to much money for what you do or sell(if the customer feels that you are ripping them off by not providing enough value they will stop doing business then as a bonus they tell all their friends to not do business with you either-2 points)

8.Complaining about your competition to anybody(this only shows the listener that you are either inconsiderate or clueless the two things most people don’t want to be associated with. )

9.Creating policies that make it to hard for your customers to do business with you(ex return policys that don”t give the customer back what they want– store credit instead of cash)

10. Acting like you better then everybody else (you may be the best in the business but if you flaunt it your making others feel like they aren’t important and nobody deserves tho feel that way)

There’s lots more but this will get you started.

Please tell me what you think and i’ll post more




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