What if you sold just one more to every customer you’ve ever had?

23 06 2007

This about this seriously. How much would it change your business and finacial goals? Do you have say 3000 customers and profits on each sale would be $10 equaling $30,000 in pure profit. That ‘s a brand new car or a big chunk of a child’s education fund. I really want you as a business owner to really think about your specfic situation. Dream about what you would do if it where true? This is pure profit it goes direct to you there are no expenses. I’m not being pollyana or just kidding I mean this. I will help you make it happen.

It is not only possible it is probrable. I have helped serveral business owners with this one concept and it has DRASTICALLY changed the business literally overnight once they understand the magnitude of it. What I mean by that is most business owners look and focus on the ONE so they don’t get it, think its stupid and never try it.It usually not until the competition comes along and crushes them with it that they understand.  Then its too late the damage has been done. So i’ve divided it up to hopefully get more people to understand it.

What todays exercise is doing is placing your focus on the EVERY instead of the ONE. If you want to make unbelievable amounts of money in your business you are going to need to change your mind. why? What you are currently thinking about anything in your life has gotten you to this point it can’t get you anymore or else you would already have it. That being said it is my job to get you to see think in a much larger perspective then you are used to.  What do Tiger Woods, Steve Jobs and and Martin Luther King have in common? They all have perspectives that are so large we wouldn’t be able to grasp them. I can garantee that one of the three has impacted your life because of that perspective.

My goal is grow your perspective from business owner to market leader or innovator.  So dream about every single person your business have every sold to. Then is the next lesson I show exactly how you will accomplish this goal. Good luck.

As always —Don’t throw money instead feedback is what I crave.




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