Why the Iphone will ABSOLUTELY Affect your life even if you never buy one

30 06 2007

I’ve been watching the IPHONE hype now for a year. There is an AWESOME lesson to be learned here that if you apply it to your business will boost your sales. Most companies sell to you the things you want in your life –called the pleasure principle. Now most can do well and even do great if they present it better than everyone else or introduce the product to market. The truely bad side of this type of marketing and selling is that once somebody sees money being made everybody seems to jump into the mix. Of course then the market gets drained until the next great thing comes….

There are many great products many you don’t even think of that are 5 to 100x better than pleasure or a want based product. It’s a product designed, marketed and sold to take away what you don’t want. I like to call it the pain point product which is created to eliminate your negative experiences with another product. Pain point products sell faster, easier and the money you can make on this product IS NEVER priced according to competition but rather how much is some body willing to pay to alleviate the pain. IF your product takes pain away and replaces it with pleasure you have the GOLDEN TICKET in business. So when looking at your product instead of thinking what does this do for my customer? Think the opposite –what does may customer not like that without my product they would have ? or what problem does my product solve?

So where does the Iphone come into all of this you ask? It all started when Mr Jobs got into a completely crazy idea the make the worlds greatest cellphone. The problem Apple knew absolutely nothing about the industry and had never created any cell phone let alone attempt to create the best ever with the iphone.

So instead of going after them and trying to “one up them” he asked himself one of the most powerful questions ever that nobody was bothering to ask. What are all the things that people DON’T like about mobile phones? Those are the things the industry really needs to reinvent itself as you will.

So he found people current pain points and worked on designing a product from what they didn’t want. Then  create solutions that literally have other carriers terrified (like exposing a bad secret). The cellphone industry forces users to a way of using the phone that they control and is based on that companys way(ex motorola and nokia may do the same things but the way the menu is set up is unique to each company) . They traded of ease of use for technology and as they added more features phone became HARDER to use. Of course they didn’t care they figured if we continue to add more stuff people will buy it and its work for the last 15 years.

Now is the time people need to be heard.

So the iphone was created. It will be wildly successful even at $500 or $600 because people ARE willing to pay to have a phone that is the intuitive and easy to use. Then after he created valued solutions then he ONLY then he looked at putting things in it that nobody had ever seen.

The reason why the iphone will change your life is that finally manufacturers are looking at the TOTAL experience of the phone instead of just the features of the phone. So even if you never buy a iphone the next phone you do buy will probrably be influenced by the massive impact that Steve Jobs has done. Thank you Apple for yet another product in the iphone that make my life easier and remarkably better.

If you look at my tab called out of the box you’ll understand why if you learn to think in ways others don’t you too can create incredible products and make lots of money.




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15 01 2008

hmmmm…very interesting!

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