IPN#4–Simple way to increase sales

5 07 2007

Often times when companies design sales presentations  they often do it with proving their viewpoint only and in not taking into account the customers views. The primary problem with this is that the objections the customer has could easily be avoided with looking at their point of view. By doing this during the design you can avoid almost all the stalls the customer creates. One of the most powerful understandings that small business owners can come to is to realize that a very high percentage of customers objections have absolutely NOTHING to do with their product.

They are based on previous negative experiences or just unfounded fears based on other peoples opinions. It can be a variance of  different things including –bad sales experiences (people want to buy but NEVER want to be  sold), how your competitors are selling(customers do shop around),  the last time the purchased the same product your offering, and the list just keeps growing…… However you can separate yourself from those things by doing this one thing.

Start looking at your sales process through your customers eyes. Look at all bad things the customer is considering BEFORE you even get a chance to say hello. Write them all down if you don’t know ask your best customers they’ll be happy to tell you what you did differently in their eyes. So write down all fears then in your presentation just ADMIT them. Say to your customers “other customers have told us that they had this (fear or experience) before and I want ot prove to you that when working with us we do things (this new and better way). You have to follow thru on what your are saying of they will hate you for promising and not delivering. The biggest thing it will do will put your customers minds at ease and make them more WILLING to do business with you.

So include your customer fears and failures as part of your presentation.  You will find they have less objections, trust you more and most importantly purchase more from you.




2 responses

9 07 2007

Being transparent is a wonderful thing. But it can be scary too. Most people and companies would not feel comfortable admitting that they went wrong. It is going to take quite a mindshift. But the benefits are assured for sure.

18 07 2007

Yes, what you say is so true!! one common mistake sales people also do I think is that when the customer mentions that an “x” product is better than what the sales guy is selling and the stupid guy starts defending his own products by highlighting it’s advantages and the customers may then argue for the “x” product and against the companies products. So, what happens is that the customer sells himself the “x” produuct himself. One of the golden rules of selling things is to never argue with a customer, and many forget it and pay the price for it!!

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