Having mentors that expand your horizons

23 07 2007

“The best was to make yourself a success is to find people who have already accomplished what you dream of and find out how they did it.”

I have several mentors when it comes to business but I want to just share one every so often so maybe they can help you too(if they aren’t already). The first one is a show I absolutely love on CNBC called “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch. Its on late at night so I usually TIVO it. The idea is simple “how you can be successful at business extremely easily just find finding what your passionate about and doing it” The great part is that what he says is actually very true and he shows example after example of everyday people that created some incredible products and are making millions. Watch two shows and you’ll see that his ideas can be applied in EVERY business even yours. I personally have gotten a tremendous amout of insight from his show.




One response

24 07 2007
James M. Helms

I agree with you 100%. I recently watched “Pursuit of Happiness”. Will Smith, broke and beaten down, simply asked what the successful guy did to get where he was. It was that event that changed his life. I know that it was a movie but the principle that you speak of is very solid.

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