IPN#5 — Figure out what’s stopping you!!!

23 07 2007

It absolutely amazes me that so often companies do not want to look at what doesn’t work to fix it. Instead they choose to avoid it and come up with a completely new solution to something when they really don’t need to. First let me give you the symptom to look for to see if this is happening somewhere you may know. There are people are who are convinced that everything is good because they feel if its not the blame will fall on them. Let me say one thing here in the world of business BLAME DOES NOT EXIST except for one circumstance. If you find that something is not working and choose to do nothing about it(aka keep on lying to yourself). The great part about business is that people want to help you to be successful. your customers do because you provide something they want or need and you employees do because they believe in your company, ideas, or products (nobody just does it for the money anymore—work has to be something people feel they are contributing toward or else the wouldn’t be investing roughly 1/3 of their whole life at it).

So I constantly run into this companies that have great products or services , incredible employees, and all their costs are in line it really looks to the outside like they are stable and successful. Then one day your driving by and you say I can’t believe they went out of business. This happens a lot with places to eat. What happened? It could have been anything specific but let me tell you at some level they were not will to look at what wasn’t working and focus on finding a solution to it before it put them out of business. Interesting point though if you ever talk to those owners a year afterwards they know exactly what happened and usually what they could have done about it. So lesson number one is if you feel there is something not quite right START talking to the people closest to where it’s not working.

Start looking at where things aren’t working if you notice things occurring more than once that is a dead giveaway on where to focus. But ask yourself this Why is this not working? Then ask others close to the challenge first if they see it too and then their viewpoint on why they feel it doesn’t work. Then create a brainstorming session purely focused on the solutions (anybody that blames is eliminated–reward people that give solution no matter how crazy). Employees usually jump at the chance to do this because your making their jobs easier then you are also empowering then to be a part of the solution. Ask them what can you do to help them? (there by helping your bottom line) . The more you support being open to challenges and finding new ways to do old things better the more successful you will be. Don’t be surprised if you get more then just solutions you usually get brand new concepts and ideas(that can really create opportunities) that you alone would have never been able to find. So lesson is learning to look at the flaws and empowering others to help you create amazing solutions will definitely help you to grow your business.




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