Standing out in a crowd

25 07 2007

You have competitors. As well i’m sure your realize you can’t bash your competitors because it makes you look weak to your customers. Which of course can lead to them not trusting you thereby not purchausing from you. In todays world you can’t say they are weak and we are strong(the internet destroyed that ploy) instead you have to show potential and current customers on how exact you can best meet their needs. Then you have to allow them to make the decision on their own. If like in court you have proven yourself to them beyond a shadow of a doubt they will choose you.

How do you do that?

There are several factors that customers judge when making these decisions. For this post I way to start at the beginning. Look at the first few interactions that your customer has with you.

Answer this simple question”What I am I doing differently so that my customer notices and listens to me?

I have noticed in several business that owners thinks that buy offering the best price or even worse the geatest service they are standing out in the customers mind. Nothing is further from the truth. The real truth is that EVERY body I mean E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y is offering those to things but nobody backs it up.

What I mean is the the best price is not a comparision to another price (thats the old days). Now it means what is the value that is included beyond the product or service. Let give you a simple example –You have two amusement parks say Six Flags and Disney your going to spent around $60 to go on rides at six flags but disney gives you an AMAZING experience for the same money. The value lies in the answer to this question –which one will you remember in 5 years? The money was the same the rides are relative the same however the memory of the experience thats why disney crushes everybody else.

The whole service issue is a joke if you have to say your give the best service you are probrably just paying lip service. Have you ever noticed those those companies that do provide great service NEVER say it themselves instead they allow they customer to say it. Look at Apple, Saturn, or Commerce Bank now their customers rave about the service that they provide.

So stop looking at your competitors, your products and your prices. Start looking at your customer and starting wondering what are they seeing in my company?

What can I do to stand out in the customers eyes?

Focus on the end value you are providing in their life. Tell them about the ways choosing you can enhance or impact their life.




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