Instant Insight#1-The ONLY question that will make your business successful !!!

26 07 2007

What am RIGHT NOW I doing to add value in the life of my customer ?

The reason is simple if you are doing this one thing effectively EVERYTHING else will fall into place.

The ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING part is that next to nobody in business does, They instead are convinced that the customer is buying their product because of how great(in their minds) it is, how well its priced.. yada..yada. yada. They think to some level that the customer is dependent on them and they stop trying to be of value to those they serve.  Companies like this WILL go broke sooner or later. I hate to list bad guys but you’ll see my point better. Some examples are  Comcast(your dependent on their speed of the Internet) so they make their billing impossible to understand. They should talk to AOL about having to use them for the internet. Do you remember when dail up disappeared.

So if you do this one thing you will find customers  literally coming out of the woodwork. They will be dropping everything to do business with you.
The people that have done this exceptionally well are WAWA, Five Guys Burgers, J.K. Rowling and the king DISNEY. Every single one add value to life whether through coffee, Harry Potter, and the ability to dream again. There are several others but they have a product but the actual focus whether intentional or not is to add value to their customers lives.

All you need to do is focus all your attention to finding ways to add value in todays world ALL people need value more than ever and they need to feel important and valued. Do that and people won’t be able to STOP talking about you and your business.




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