The best way to get new customers to trust you FAST.

26 07 2007

Let previous customers tell the story to new customers through testimonials, video, or personal calls of how your product or service has helped them. This works all the time for two very simple and powerful reasons. New customers don’t trust you because as well intentioned as you are in helping them you are jaded by the fact that you benefit directly from the decision. On the other hand your previous customers understand where new customers are coming from. New customer know that old ones don’t benefit from the sales and they believe in the product BECAUSE THEY WANT TO NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE TOO. That last part is extremely important.

One company that has done this extremely well is Select Comfort creator or the Sleep Number bed(I know you’ve seen those infomercials). I was a sales professional before those TV spots and the number one way they attracted NEW customers was (i’m not kidding here) people that owned the bed literally dragging people (friends, family or whoever they where with) into the store so I could give them a demonstration. The bed sells itself but if customers weren’t dragging in their friends nobody would have tried the bed because they would have been terrified to try something new.

So what can you you do to create ways of getting customers to share their positive experiences about your product?

Don’t feel scared asking your previous customers are dying to help you to become more successful they will jump at the chance to help you out.




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