The million dollar question!!! ANSWERED–What is on your customers mind?

26 07 2007

This is that question every business owner on the planet is ALWAYS asking. It is the key that unlocks every door in business. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? So that I can market to them, sell to them , give good customer service to them, get the to buy more and the list is just like the Energizer Bunny is just keeps going and going. It doesn’t need to be said this is the most important question in all of business if not all of life.

These are the answers you’ve been looking for. Now MOST IMPORTANTLY – To make a difference in your business there are a few even more important concepts that you need to understand and implement in order for the answers (there are quite a few as you’ll see) To really have any power. The answers essentially are useless unless you understand what caused the customer to come up with that idea, why the thought exists (it usually has NOTHING to do with you), and most of all what can I do to use any of these answers to make my business successful. Those insights are what I teach my clients to make them successful if you are interested in me helping you please email me at (sorry shameless plug). HERE it Goes!!!!

  • why should I pay attention to you ?
  • Why am I paying attention to you?
  • what you said I need or I understand
  • I would reeallly like it if somebody could do …..
  • Why should I trust you?
  • What makes you better than what i’m already using?
  • Are you listening to me?
  • Stop telling me your product is so great and show me?
  • How can you add value to my life?
  • What do I need you and your product for again?
  • Show me you appreciate me as your customer
  • Why should I listen to you instead of trying to find more of what was enjoying(music etc)?
  • Give me a great reason stop what I’m doing to pay attention to you
  • Please make a difference in my life
  • Give me something that will make my life simpler, easier, and save me money
  • Why would I choose you?
  • I can only get …….from you
  • I have never had….. before I started coming here

So that should get you started. Most of those are easy and simple and I am going to continually add to this list. I am also going to organize it to show you WHEN the customer is thinking each thought (ex during advertising, customer service , after purchase, before referring a friend–you get the ideas). Now some of the whens may absolutely surprise you cause you don’t realize the customer is thinking that thought when they do. And that alone can make a big shift in your business.




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