IPN#6 –How do you say the two most important words?

31 07 2007

The more you can show your customers appreciate them the longer you’ll be in business. How do your say thank you to your customers? Do you do it in ways that will cause them to remember you the next time they need your product or service? Create unique ways of showing your customers gratitude and it will do one think for you  create unstoppable word of mouth refferrals. Give your customers positive reasons why they should be talking about you.

So often companies let the customer go after they have bought and they never show the customer they are extremely appreciative that the chose them on where to shop. A good example of this is a cellular company I worked with didn’t do anything but just say thank you to the customer. So I suggest the sales people send out thank cards (so easy but whens the last time you got one?) and we included a coupon for a free car charger or leather case(cost was next to nothing) customers returned with friends and family asking is to help them too. It gave the customer a reason to come back in the store. They also often purchased more accessories for their phone while they where there.

In what unique ways do you show your customers you really appreciate them?




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