Standing on the Soapbox– getting notice by the customer

1 08 2007

In the old days or business people used to stand on soapboxes as a way of getting people to pay attention to them. Well unfortunately in today’s extreme integrated society it not that easy. Today everybody has a opinion on everything and they also have great free mediums to get that message out there.

<>So how do you attract attention to your product or service in a positive way?

<>Now let me give you a great example of what I mean.

<>This past weekend while at the baseball hall of fame ceremony for Tony Gwynn the people of Cooperstown, NY were all on their front lawns selling everything to eat and drink to us patrons. Since there was like 75,000 of us it wasn’t hard to make a ton of money. Everybody had signs that said$2 drinks, $1candy and $3 hot dogs.

<>However there was one guy that had a brilliant sign. Bottle of water $375,000 with a free house. Now that is thinking out of the box. I don’t know if he sold that house but everybody was laughing and taking pictures with that sign. So I know that he generated a lot more business than his neighbors you really couldn’t get near his food stand. He used the power of laughter and a touch of absurdity to stand out in this massive crowd.

So my question for you is —“In whats unique ways can you get your customers attention that they would actually enjoy ?”




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