Do this and make millions in any business

2 08 2007

There is only ONE thing you need to do in business as well as life to become anything you could ever dream of. Its something extremely easy to do however its how you do it that makes all the difference. You already know the answer but you don’t realize that it controls everything I mean everything in your life.

The questions that you ask!!!!!!

let me rephrase that– the quality of questions you ask

Your questions determine your outcome in everything you do in your life whether you realize it or not. The reason why most of us don’t have the success we want in our lives is because we are asking for what we do want yet rather we are focusing on avoiding what we don’t want.

However when it comes to business it is a life changer. All the greatest accomplishments in business all had one thing in common. What ever it was the person who was asking it did it in a way no one else was think of YET. If you look back through the greatest business autobiographies they all had asked themselves a question that wasn’t being asked yet. Go out and read read the autobiographies of Ray Kroc(McDonald’s), Harold Schultz(Starbucks) or Walt Disney.  You will see that the way they approached their businesses through the questions the where asking themselves is what made them the giants they ended up becoming.

So what questions are you asking yourself on a daily basis? Are they bringing you closer to your goals or taking you further away from them?

Start asking yourself the questions that will empower you to start achieving the goals for your business and you will see your dreams come true quicker than you could have imagined!! 




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