Customer Loyalty–Giving 110% to your customers

20 08 2007

So many companies talk about how important their customers are to them yet so few of they actually show it. They treat customers as though the customer is completely dependent on them and act as though there is no competition. Since they did a good job once a getting the customers attention that now they don’t have to do anymore work.  Most companies fail at ever getting my business again. The sad part is if they cared just a  little bit and took the time to ask me how I felt about the interaction I might return. No instead these businesses rest on their laurels doingABSOLUTELY NOTHING in terms of customer loyalty.

You shouldn’t be focusing on how you get the job done as a small business owner but instead you should be focused on how the person you did the work for feels about it. You should be showering that person with gratitude so that when they need your services again or maybe somebody they know does  YOUR THE  FIRST  AND ONLY  person or small business they think about recommending or going back to. This Isn’t some pie in the sky philosophy it actually works but only if you take the time to work at it. I know several sales professionals that would blow your mind with the way they get repeat business (including me). If you look at all of us the we have the same goal “it doesn’t matter to us if we did a good job however if our customer feel we have done a good job that we have been successful” Now notice there I DIDN’T say that we sold more than others , that we earned more in commissions, or that we sold a lot to each customer. Regular sales people may feel that way but we don’t. If the customer thinks we did a good job only then do I feel I have been sucessful at my job. It has nothing to do with outside goals it purely boils down to one line which is todays lesson.

Asking every of yourself and of the customer “What have I accomplished that has made the lives of the people I serve easier, richer, more meaningful and overall enjoyable life?” Every little thing that any of us do as human beings on this planet is do those things in that question.  Some of us just happen to be lucky enough to be making a living making people lives better. Start realizing and being grateful for those you serve.




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