How to connect your customers with your products

24 08 2007

I was just watching “The Big Idea” on CNBC. Ive already talked about how great I think this show is for ideas. Well tonight when I was watching Donny was giving advice to a new company calledGraffeeti who make a new shoe for kids that you can write on and erase. (How many pairs of shoes did I ruin doing this?) Anyway he was talking about the message on the shoe and he starts talking about the core emotional benefit to your customer using your product.

So often I find that when companies use benefit messages they are talking to the customer in terms of what the product or service does instead of the emotional values. I often say if you give people a big enough reason why they will figure out the how. What I mean is give customers the end result of what they will gain in using your product or sevice on an emotional (not a logical level). In turn they won’t need to know what the product does or how it does it they will figure that out for themselves. The bigger you can make the emotional benefit to the individual the more valuable you will be to them. Let me give you a great example that applied to me of what I mean.

I am a huge music lover and when I first heard of the Ipod I thought that is nice. Then a friend of mine bought one and showed me how I could have my ENTIRE music collection in my pocket at all times. Now the idea of having that ability there was no wanting an Ipod I simply had to have one. As I was factoring the amount of time I would save never having to find a specific CD, figuring out what I wanted to listen to and the all the time I was wasting withcd cases, cds and loading them in and out of player.

My friend had showed me how much more productive, easier and more enjoyable my life would be with this device. When I saw it I was looking at the how this would hold my music (which doesn’t matter) when he showed me what it would do for my life I focused on the big picture– my enjoyment of music. I would figure out all the hows to get me to the reason why I wanted it. This is why Apple is so good in my book they simply show you how much better your life will be and literally the products sell themselves–how easy is that.

Getting back to “The Big Idea” the inventors talked about this statement on the shoe “Tag your it” and they where talking about the game of tag which was good. However what Donny said was great which was you should be talking about the individuality and the creativity of the end user. Create a great statement on that and those shoes will sell themselves. Here is why –the people taking a quick glance at the shoes don’t realize you could CHANGE the design to fit who you are whenever you wanted to. Well I gotta go “The Big Idea” is on again.




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