What motivates your customer to buy

26 08 2007

You absolutely should be finding out what values your customer holds that will influence their final decision during your sales presentation. People are not as motivated by price as you may think. Actually they are destined by value. Unfortunately money or the price is how we communicate our values when we are making a buying decision. MOST sales people think that the price of something is what caused the customer NOT to buy which is simply not true. The value the customer PERCEIVES for the money that are spending not matching is not a no it just means you have to find a way to add more value to the perception is more balanced in customers head. Remember money is just the tool that we all use to communicate value through.

Find out what they want your product to accomplish in their life. How it will make them feel in owning it ? Does it make them look intelligent to their neighbors ? Does it make them sexier to their mate? Or does it help them to accomplish other goals by saving them money? What is this really doing to affect the quality of their life either directly or indirectly? If you find out what a customer true motivation is by finding out what their values and beliefs are you can design an individual sales presentation. You can then determine how to sell specific features about your product or service to this unique person based on ideas that you know will determine a more positive outcome for both you as well as the customer.




One response

28 08 2007

Very insightful Tom. You really have something good going here bud, keep it up. I’ve never read anything you’ve written before and you express yourself well. I’m impressed!


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