Customer Appreciation and Gratitude why saying Thank You is so important

18 09 2007

Earlier tonight I was having a conversation with small business owners that was very enlightening to me. We had a round table discussion about why somebody else that owned another business and why he should have been really busy on a Satuday night but he wasn’t. As I was listening in somebody said “boy when he first bought this place he used to have a ton of repeat customers but they all just stopped coming in.” Of course I asked “Does anybody know why?” The answers all came at me at once —comes in to work on the business (inventory, bookeeping) while the business is open and doesn’t say hi to employees or customers, doesn’t care if people come back, doesn’t ask customer if they are enjoying their time there, let’s his emotions show. Now this isn’t a bitch session and he is a friend of all of ours and we all are patrons of his business. To the everyday person he runs a great business who is extremely social on most days with customers. However since we have know each other over a long period of time we all understand the ebbs and flows of each others business and we all help each other to be successful.

So now I ask what do you do to keep customers coming back to your business? These are the responses I hear “I serve a good product”, “If I have a customer who is unhappy I give them something free”,”I make sure all the employees are running a top notch business”, “I alway smile and say thank you to all my customers”. Now they are all good replys but none of them answered my question. They are all things that help to give a good experience but they don’t get customers to directly to come back. That’s where the light bulb went off for me these business owners don’t understand the difference between good customer service and showing customers gratitude and appreciation.Being humble enough to share how their patronage allows to be  the business successful creates an enviroment where they really want to come back again. Taking the extra steps to show your customers that you care and they really mean everything to the well being of your business. Because without them there is nothing.

So I started telling them about the different ideas each of them could do with their specific business some of which I have share about in the other posts in this blog on customer appreciation. I related how they could implement each one why it would be so successful for each of them. They were blown away how extremely easy it was to do and how inexpensive also. They asked me how I knew this and I simply said how much experience I had helping other businesses across alot of industries implement these programs and watching them blossom because of it.

Just remember customer appreciation and gratitude is part of who you are as a person and as a business owner, IT IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU DO WHEN TIMES ARE TOUGH AND BUSINESS IS SLOW. The attitude behind customer value and appreciation is the reason i’m writing this. Honestly none of the customer appreciation ideas in the world will work if you aren’t truely grateful for every single one of your customers.

Here is the absolute key to all of the customer appreciation ideas that you will learn about here— What can I do right now to make this person feel better about themselves than they did before they walked into my business? Sometimes it is a just a smile or a complement. But the universal answer to my question about customers coming back is this. A customers feels something postive about you or your business that they can’t get if they went to another business. Simply when the have that experience they want to come back because people want to feel good as much as possible. Just look at the place you’ve been that you would recommend to a friend. It’s not because you didn’t like it something occured that was memorable enough to you that it suck out enough to tell you friend about it. I compare it to the idea of all the cars you see everyday on the road but its not until you get a new car that THEN you happen to notice all of ones like your make and model car. Your commitment to YOUR car caused you to notice the other cars without really ever thinking about it. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when that happens? Showing customers how important they are to you and making them feel good is by far they best thing you can do. THEN you will be that business that they are telling everybody they know about.




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7 11 2009

It seems that for some people saying “Thank You” is a hard thing to do. Wonder why?

23 11 2009

Two simple reasons either they are not grateful or they are not trained to. Regardless because people aren’t saying it when you do it makes an indelible impression to your customer. Knowing that you are appreciated in any area of your life is got to be one of the top aspirations everybody wants. Doing the simple things right and repetitively shows your customers that you’ll going to try your best to be around for a very long time to met their needs.

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