Starting a NEW business– creating the Big Idea that customers will BUY

2 11 2007

So last week I had somebody who was reading this blog ask me a great question about start his own business. If I was to start my own business what product should I start with? I couldn’t give him a solid answer because its completely different for each individual who decides to branch out on their own. I gave him a few pointers on what to start with for him. Afterwards though I began to really think about how do you create a successful company from the ground up. I’ve said it before that one of my favorite shows is “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch CNBC. This is what this show is purely focused on –gathering the courage with the passion and or knowledge you already have to make millions.

So I started writing down the key pieces of what Donny says of what it takes to be successful and it really is simple. So I am going to share with you the notes from the show(if Donny or anybody from CNBC is reading this please email me at along with my own insights from my own experience. So I there is no HARD answers here but I know if you apply ALL these ideas that you will have an amazing business that will bring you all your dreams and then some. The reason why it will work and other things don’t is that — your destiny is inside of you right now all you have to do is uncover your greatness. Most if not all business failures get stuck on something outside of themselves is being the key to thier success, happiness etc.

“If you have a need chances are others have the same need you do”

“Find what you are passionate about and do it”

“Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Ohh just watch the show already will ya?




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