Are you sending the right messages with how you dress?

11 11 2007

This is a topic that isn’t discussed enough when talking about presentation of how you come across to your customers. The first clues people notice usually in any situation is usually the physical ones.  What people notice about you pretty much tells them all they need to know before you open your mouth. Now the easy ones are proper dress, hygiene, and stance-confident or not. Then there are the less obvious ones which I want to discuss just one of today.

Color!!!!! Colors dominate our sight driven world and we make decisions so fast with colors we don’t even realize it. We all know that in today world we have thousands of more stimuli coming at as then we have the ability to focus on. So how do we deduct out what not to focus on? COLORS are first because our sight is our top sense we use.  Every company on the planet at some level uses color or lack there of to get attention from people. Now most people focus on what the most appealing colors are in any given situation–basic manipulation in customers stimuli response. We make thousands of judgements on what each color represent to make the right decisions in all parts of our lives.

However have you looked at colors close enough to see the message you are sending because they are not all created equal? Ask yourself “How do I want customers to feel in my presence ?” The reason I bring this up is I saw a major retailer make A HUGE color mistake. What is the worst color you can display if you want people to feel comfortable around you? If you guessed ALL BLACK (from head to toe) you are RIGHT. black is a great color to contrast off of with another more vibrant color but never solely by itself. When I saw this I said to myself “what are they having their own funeral ?” When you find out who they just may be. I then found out that solid BLACK is the required dress code for all employees which is not only stupid it is crazy. Here’s why the two hardest colors to notice by themselves in the color spectrum is the ones at the ended BLACK and WHITE. The are the first you use to block things out because they are what I call the NON colors. This is why USA today is a major paper you notice it first in a newspaper rack it is the only one the USES color to its advantage. But anyway their reasoning behind this was good in theory but DUMB in the real world. The company colors are RED , WHITE and BLACK and they are trying to give you a unified message. Their commercials are primarily white –Good. The store displays are RED and White–again Good. I’m being so harsh because NOBODY would ever do this–Name me one place you have shopped where the dress code is universally is all black? Nowhere right?  Nowhere except MACYS department stores. So it’ll probably be pretty hard to find an employee to help you out this holiday season because you going to have to start looking for something you normally block out




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