How to get your best customers to shop more during the holiday season!!!

18 11 2007

Hold a sale for a specific item at your store at a rock bottom(maybe below cost) price for one hour. Then two hours later do the same thing with a completely different item.  Call and send a postcard to all your customers two weeks in advance. Make it a party day —create positive energy(free food, balloons, pens with your name on it). You get the idea just go all out. Hold a raffle for something one another hour. The idea is to create a specific reason for customers to come in. You know that once they are in they will buy more don’t you? The hour creates URGENCY– if they want it at that price they have to come then. By the way a store full of customers creates interest among others who just want to know whats going on in there. People that never planned on coming in will stop by just to see why the heck everybody is there (it’s like the gaper delay in traffic but with much more positive results). The specific item (hopefully a Bestseller already) creates desire.

That my friends in what you need to make ANY sale EVER — DESIRE as well as URGENCY .

Do it during a slow time to pick up momentum or during a busy time to create utter chaos(just be prepared). You want to to paint the picture in the customers head when doing the phone call and postcard that if they don’t show up they will be missing out on a once in this Holiday shopping season buy of a lifetime. Tell me how it goes or write me for further implementation ideas.




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