How are you making it harder for your customers?

19 11 2007

What that’s crazy you say!@@!! Hold on a minute and let me explain An experience I had that I want to to learn from. Earlier tonight I wanted to go see the movie “Fred Claus” with Vince Vaughn so I called one movie theater and they told me to hangup and call fandango or visit Fandango online . If I had access to a computer I wouldn’t be calling(not everybody is near a computer ALL the time which they assumed). or the other choice hang up and call a new number instead of the theater itself. My question is why does this movie theater think it has the right to make my life a little more complex (like any or us need another step to complete-haha) instead of just giving me the info that I called for.  I WANT ANSWERS NOT EXTRA STEPS. They lost my business and the second call was to a theater that I called and gave me the movie times. See this is what I don’t get why aren’t they doing whatever they can in order to earn my business  after all it is only a MOVIE that I can see anywhere.

So my question to you is this– Are there any extra steps(no matter how small) you could eliminate in order to get your customers what they need from you faster in the way that they are asking for it? 

After all they will never call to tell you that you are losing their business instead they will just go somewhere else. Let me give you a easy one to get you started. When you are closed and customers call your business does your answering service or machine give them answer they can select like hours, directions, or specials




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24 11 2007

[…] or visit Fandango online . If I had access to a computer I wouldn’t be calling(not … Insightful Business Ideas No Comments so far Leave a comment […]

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