So where are your ideal customers AT NOW?

20 11 2007

I was one the phone with a client of mine who just started a part time computer company called All Access. I’m helping him set up the structure of the business (registration, accounting you now all the stuff the customer never sees you do). He asked me if the next time we meet that if I wouldn’t mind taking a few cards. So if there was somebody having trouble with their home computer if I wouldn’t mind give them one. I said absolutely I would because I have other clients that could use his service.

Then I asked a very important question.

How do the majority of your customers find out about you now?

“I ask my satisfied customers to do what I just ask you to Tom” was his reply. Now that is an excellent, simple and free idea many business owners don’t think of. I then asked his this

Where are you customers going now or thinking about going to solve the problem you solve for your customers?“A computer store where they bought it” Then go to a computer store that doesn’t do service(conflict of interest if they did) and start talking to sales people that who be helping out their customers if they offered your service and work out a dollars for referrals deal. They are making more money (additional sales from add on product AND your referral money) You a gain a prime customer that is looking to solve a problem and got your name from a trusted source.

SO what related market that your customers already use that you and them could benefit from a relationship to you ? Go there




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