Do this one thing and your customers will become “Raving Fans”

9 12 2007

Take personal responsibility for giving your customers the best experience possible.  Simple sounding but hard to transfer to Real Life you say? Yes and no. Yes because it will have you make fundamental changes in every aspect of your business to get started. No because once you go from ‘delivering customer service to creating an positive experience for your customer no matter what the circumstances are the mindset the work takes care of itself. Most people don’t stop and notice that changing your perspective about any aspect of your life is completely free and all you have to do decide to. Just remember this –there is nothing a customer appreciates more than somebody that understands THEM and seeing the world from their perspective. People love to talk about experience that they were expecting a negative and you create something positive for them where there wasn’t something previously. So step out and take RESPONSIBILITY for them and then watch all you gain from it.




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10 12 2007
Joe Ferry

Although you didn’t quite say it in the article above, the implication to me was that making Raving Fans was free, requiring only a change of mindset. To the contrary, the improvements in customer service described in Blanchard’s book seemed rather expensive to me.

11 12 2007

First, thank you for taking the time to share this. I really appreciate Ken Blanchard and his writing however I haven’t read that book. I was really using the term raving fans–to describe those people that have the ability to positvity comment about customer experience to just above everybody they contact on any given day. These people usually are considered a center of infuence. Two great books on the topic are Seth Godin” Unleashing your Ideavirus” or “Blink”–Malcolm Gladwell.

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