Why Steve Jobs and Apple’s success has NOTHING to do with the Ipod,Iphone,Imac or any Iproduct they make

10 04 2008

Yep you heard me right. The reason why they are growing so fast has (almost)nothing to do with products they make. Tom Titlow  you have officially fallen off your rocker I can hear you now– no I haven’t just hear me out. What I am about say will blow your mind then make so much sense.  Then you can use it to grow your business with same exponential power that Mr. Jobs has used to grow Apple from pretty much broke to $165 Billion dollar company in less then 10 years. He used and continue to use a very few extremely simple rule to grow his company which EVERY business owner should be LIVING everyday they open their doors and yet they DON’T. Hopefully this post will show you why right now is the time for change. But first things first … the Apple products.

Do you realize how many amazing products are created every year that would have a greater impact on your life than your iphone or ipod and yet you never see them?  Hundreds if not thousands. 

So why don’t you find out about them somebody along the way lost the TRUE BENEFITING VALUE or the idea. They started believing in the product and lost sight of the abilities of the idea they had at its birth.

For example the idea of the cellphone was to be able to get in contact with people you wanted to WHERE you wanted and when you wanted. So to define this– it made human communication monumentally easier than it was when you had to use a landline phone. Then over the next 20+ years they added features to that device that made it much more than a phone (speakers, colors , internet, camera.. there are thousands of new features) these manufaturers[yes thats right becausue they just added fat to the idea if the phone–no true value to the original concept]. All the while because they where giving you all this stuff they made it HARDER to use so you were less likely to go to a competitor when a new feature arrived. They put so much on this thing you stopped using it for the original idea –Easier Communication. Finally somebody got frustrated enough to do something about it and he asked one question that NOBODY had bothered to in twenty years. How can I make this device Simple, easy to use and  give people back the ability to communicate with each other? Really dumb question but has caused epic shifts in a several industries. The key to what Steve Jobs does is this he look at things at the purest level of human interaction and has pretty much one goal how can we make this as simple yet universal as possible. Just goes to show you that the greatest ideas are usually those that rely on simple, profound truths that we all experience as human beings.  

OHH just wait for the SDK then your WHOLE idea of what a computer is will change too!!!

NEXT UP the IPOD- Getting music OUT of the Physical world–Finally  




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