As we all hold our collective breath… for two days

6 06 2008

I stopped in my favorite store to possibly purchause an Ipod touch. The person there actually told me to hold off!!!???

Now we all know that Steve Jobs will introduce new products(3g Iphones+ one more thing..) on Monday at WWDC but the rumors have been they wouldn’t be available right away. Judging from that statement I gather they are going to all be available WORLDWIDE instantly. Now that would be a first even for Mr Jobs. When has any company ever released a physical product and launched it worldwide INSTANTLY? TRY NEVER.  That would be the absolute logistics feat of the century because none of us know what it is yet and he would have been shipping them under our noses for the past month at least. Now to me even though it not the new product we are expecting would be the most amazing magic trick ever in my eyes. We’ll see though what happens on Monday I could be wrong but if I’m right……

 I was wrong new Iphone comes out July 11 but the cost reduction and mobile me is definitely going to pay MASSIVE dividends for Apple. Everybody is about to find out how easy to  keeping ALL devices up to date— email, address book, pics, schedule, to-do list……. INSTANTLY– I don’t know of any Blackberry that will do that do you?   




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