What do you do after the sale?

10 09 2008

Many small business are completely focusing on everything that happens up until the product is in the customers hands then getting the next customer. There is a massive problem with looking at your future that way. The problem is that your CUSTOMERS are only focused on what happens AFTER the product is in their hands. There is so much opportunity for business growth just by changing your focus to the customers point of view its mind boggling. You are literally losing business by NOT changing your perspective. The greatest companies big or small know that paying attention to what your customer is paying attention to and not up until the customer are the ones that build  AMAZING customer loyalty. Doing everything possible to show your customers they matter AFTERWARDS will create a strong bond that your competition will never be able to break and will keep your customers buying again and again. Write me and give me a little background on your business and I’ll show your business exactly how you can build the business that your children’s children will be proud of.




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