Turning over the new leaf for the new year–

31 12 2009

I’ve been noticing lately that many small business are really leaving money on the table. How much do you spend in advertising to get a customer to make a first purchase with you? So after you make that sale and what is the time frame that you reach back out to them to make sure they are happy with your product or service? 3, 5 or 7 days or do you at all ? So many business owners say they never reach out to the customer because they are afraid of uncovering a problem that a customer has but hasn’t told you about yet. Let me be the first to tell you that YOU WANT to uncover a challenge if the customer is having one. WHAT?!?! have I lost my mind. Nope. Here’s why you want to find the challenge– take a wild guess at the customer that is also MOST willing to refer you to their family and friends to the point of becoming a raving fan of your business (it’s not the one that you gave a great price to )? Yes it is the customer that had problem with your product or service and you called them PROACTIVELY because you care about their satisfaction and happiness. They are by far and away they MOST like to make multiple purchase and tell others how great you are because you stuck you head out and were looking to do what ever it took to make them happy. So start being proactive during the new year and start calling all your customers and asking them if they are happy but make the call under the premise that you forget to tell them when they were in the store or with you last that if they are happy with you that if they refer you that you’ll give them a gift certificate to _______. or the next time they make a purchase you going to give them 30% that purchase. Your going to find that nobody has a problem and that they are so glad you called to make sure they are happy just because nobody else called them to do the same thing you are. Think about it when was the last time you got a call or even a hand written thank you card? I promise that your sales will grow because people want to do businesses that care about them.