The Secret to True Success in life and Business

26 08 2010

“Learn to fail faster than anybody else and do it again”–ME

Everybody know that success will never bring more success so I’ve mastered the art of failure. I’m not kidding I fail faster than anybody I know and then I learn from what went wrong. I can analyze my failure faster than anyone I study them intently because its like trying to find the missing puzzle piece that always eludes you.  I know exactly what i’m looking for the piece that isn’t working. But this isn’t for the weak I’m alway tearing myself  apart(or at least the things that I do ) and demanding more of myself than others ever will. But my failure brings me astounding success and its almost uncanny  how consistently it happens.  The key is to separate who you are from what you are trying to do. Don’t take things personally your trying to accomplish a result thats it.

Believe me if you tear down your failure fast you’ll be miles ahead of everybody else