Pull me Under — Dream Theater

27 06 2011

“Every breath brings me one less too my last.” Great point in perspective,

“Every step brings me closer my last”

Stephen Covey –Begin with the end in mind— Habit #2

These two lines from one of my favorite songs really help me to maintain focus when I get overwhelmed or lose sight of what i’m really trying to accomplish. Many times looking at the big picture and stepping back from the day to day procedures of running your business and asking yourself “In the end what do I want? What do I want those around me to feel or see ? How do I want to be remembered? What do I want to say I did for my community with this business? How do i see the end of this business (selling it, retiring and closing or passing it on to the family or friends I cherish most?)

These questions aren’t easy but the are substantial in stature for your life and your business. Begin with the end in mind making problem solving easy because you don’t get wrapped up in the trivial parts of a problem like blame for instance –(when does that really help anyway?). Instead you have the ability to see beyond the challenges and focus on why we want to solve the problem. The answers of how will come much easier.





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