You can take away my heroes can you take away my pain?

22 10 2011

The loss that the world took about two weeks ago with the death of Steven P Jobs has deeply affected me is every way possible. I have been a fanboy of Apple for several years and a follower of Steve Jobs since 1997.I will never forgot that moment when I read on my Iphone that he was gone I was in disbelief until I clicked on the link from MDN to Apples website standing in my girlfriends dining room right after diner. I was a wreck crying and sobbing at this loss my world was shattered. Later I shared with her the Stanford Commencement speech from 2005 which I might add is something I think that EVERYBODY needs to do. She began to see that this person was so much more that the Iphone that we depend on so heavily every day. Steve in death is teaching me so much more about myself and why he was so important to me. I had forgotten about how important I was until reviewed that speech and the think different commercial that Apple released. I have started pushing peoples buttons more because I care so much about their success. With this pain I have a new drive and and actually pissing people off AGAIN because I want the most that people can get out of life and I’ve been pushing them again to go get it. I stopped accepting other peoples limits and amazing things are happening in my life. So please stop being comfortable and start being great in your life regardless of what ¬†you have to sacrifice to get there.