Wow I am so humbled by this –50,000 views

2 12 2011

So I’m quite amazed and appreciative that I have gotten over Fifty Thousand view on this blog with very little promotion.
I have been working on two side projects lately that’s why I haven’t had many updates. The first is a book about how to use Apples primary philosophy about creating an exceptional user experience to help grow your business. The second is a audiobook about the bad side of Groupon – ways in which Groupon could actually kill your business and ideas you can use to grow your profit margins with Groupon coupons.
In appreciation of this milestone I going to give one of them away free to you guys before I put it on the market to sell it. This is very limited time offer because I really feel the topic – Groupon is so hot right now. So if your interested please email me or leave your info in comments below and I’ll make sure you get a copy when it’s completed in a about a week if you want the cd hard copy I can get you that too




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