Do you know what Yahoo’s problem is?

28 06 2012

Yahoo has become as bad as America Online was in the end. They are just as outdated, clunky , hard to use , even harder to access the stuff you need like mail because it is so bloated. They have been so focus on the 64 bad acquisitions they made so they don’t have to focus on one thing they need to be. Making the user experience much better. The more they have tried to make money the worse they treat their users. Half of me thinks they are going to be the ones dumb enough to buy RIMM for Blackberry . If they do I promise it’ll be AOL /Time Warner part 2 of the dumbest mergers ever. Why AOL never asked their users about that merger is what did them in. There is a huge difference between getting your users to buy into a concept and your shareholders. Remember this Yahoo users are more important than any shareholder. Your users dictate profits shareholders do not at all. You have seemed to forgotten this simple point. I just hope you remember it before some stupid bankers gives you the great idea to buy RIMM.




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