Who is this guy?

Tom Titlow Jr

Tom Titlow Jr

Hi my name is Tom Titlow and I own a small busines consulting firm called Impact Consulting based right outside Boston, Massachusetts. After sharing my ideas with local businesses and making them lots of money I wanted to create this blog to share some of my best ideas, observations and many things that all my mentors have taught me.

This journal primary serves two purposes at the moment. First it allows local SBO’s(Small Business Owners) that I introduce myself to  a no pressure way (for them or me)to see the work I have done for others. It also shows them the different tools that I will be using to improve their business. If they like what they read and feel my ideas are valuable they be able to contact me instead of me having “prove ” to them my quality they’ll be able to see it for themselves.

The second reason is to share with SBO’s who are not in my area. These ideas that they can use with another consultant or many things I do  that can be implemented over the phone or through the web.

I repeat this alot of the site but I’m am very grateful for any comments about anything on the site. Most important than that is my long term goal is to hopefully build a community of SBO’s that share lots of exciting profitable ideas with others. Kind of like an online mastermind group where we all find great ideas that make everybody rich in thier endeavors.

So let me say a pre thank you to those who are willing to share with myself in the exchange of great business ideas.

Of course you can also leave me a personal email at tom4change@gmail.com


3 responses

8 03 2008


25 06 2012

Love your work and your philosophy, Tom, keep up the great work!

27 10 2013

Great ideas and tidbits. Thanks for sharing.

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