IPN#3-Helping to Show Fathers how important they are

15 06 2007

In tribute to father’s day which is very hard for me this year. I want to send this idea that i’m sure my dad is proud of. My father was in advertising his whole life and he taught me a crucial truth in marketing to people. Figure out the person your selling to. Then find the trigger that will get them to act.

So the trigger is father’s day and you create a promotion that includes the fathers and/or the sons of your clients. Make it an offer that may be simple but they can’t refuse. let me give you one example for the next 3 days(fri, sat, sun) Get in touch with those prospects that are considering you. Tell them that for this weekend you have a special for them (ex$$$off or financing) for the holiday BUT in addition you know how important family is to them your going to give them a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice on Sun. Now if you make it a truely SINCERE (I REALLY mean it) gesture they will have no choice but to say YES to the purchase now.Because it will be obvious to them that you are putting their needs above just a sale. You’ll be creating a Massive connection for future interactions (the folllow up call on monday or tuesday will absolutely make you melt). now if your are NOT completely genuine in this they will see through it and never want to do business with you. This is one of the most powerful ways to build everything in your business at once (loyalty, sales,showing similar values, add on sales–I could go on forever with the benefits of what happens when you do this right) Now I just gave you one idea but create your own or email me I create on specifically for your business (for FREE ). You can do this with holidays that have an emotional impact with people in general–DON’T overdo it.

I only have one request on Sunday take your father and or sons out. Take 5 secs at your meal and be grateful for that moment and thankful for the gifts they have given you.