Sign , sign everywhere a sign

19 06 2012

Blocking out the scenery , breaking my mind– Tesla (the band not the car)

One of the first things I do in working with small businesses is look at their signage. I apply this simple rule ” if I Tom your detail oriented business consultant can’t see or understand fully you sign how can you expect your customers to see you?” The problem with signs I experience is two fold. First people put up signs but then forget they are there. Things like dirt , lights going out, cracks, some type of growth in front of your signs(trees or brush etc)

I can here you now Tom that’s not me. I can bet you it is. First do you keep your street facing sign lit 24 hours a day? You absolutely should!!!! The people passing by your business when you are not open are just as important as when you are. As a matter of fact I say it’s more important because everybody has their sign on when they are open. As your potential client I’d say that chaos of competition for my attention is insane. Like I stated at the top”break my mind” When you closed and maybe just maybe your potential client drives by and you sign is lit and your competition is not. Our eyes pick out signs so much better at night than during the day having your sign lit WELL is a no brainer.
If you tell me that lame excuse I don’t want my lights when I not open I’d go through the roof. I am very much like Steve Jobs when it come to my passion about the little details.If your were one of my privileged clients I’d say do you shut down website when your closed? then keep the damn lights on. Note I didn’t say keep your open sign on. Sooner or later one client of yours is going to say these magic words and this always happens” I was driving by late and I thought I’d stop in and check you out. Next I’m going to save you some money….

The best sales advice EVER

25 04 2012

Record all you phone presentations and review them. Ask yourself one question over and over– what can I do to improve this interaction and get my customer to feel more satisfaction and be happier by the time they get off the phone with me? If you keep finding ways to improve before you know you will be number 1. I’ve done it several times.

Thank you to all the people who believed in me I am expanding this blog

6 06 2011

When I started this blog a few years ago the only thing I wanted it for was a place to store my business ideas so I could use them later. I did absolutely no promotion hell I didn’t even tell my own family it existed until I got to 10,000 hits. I found out that people are really looking for the business ideas that I had in always kept to myself. It’s been a humbling experience to say the least but now going to go out and live my dream of taking these ideas which I have gotten make emails and comments about in the global world instead of just my local one. The number one request that I have gotten in an email message from the readers of this site has been this “how do I apply your ideas to my business? ” I have given limited answers but I want to give more so I have started Impact Business Consultants (website announcement soon) which will allow me to take all my time and energy and focus it on your business. So before I could send you resources I thought would be best but because I didn’t have time to research your industry, business model, or sales and marketing efforts, etc I didn’t get to involved like I do with my local clients because they are paying the bills. I really never offered you my paid services because I was used to meeting my clients in person. However with the attention this blog has gotten very overwhelming. Now over 43,000 views have hit this blog something I never even dreamed of or really focused on. I offering you the same service and some even better than I do now but their will be a cost involved and I will be taking on just a few clients and no competitors in your industry– first come only one served. If you are interested in getting more of a hands on approach where I can guarantee my results please call me immediately at 302-757-0210 or email me at I am going to offer my service at a reduced rate because I am looking for the tele or web-based business referrals.

Again I Humbly thank you .You believed in me and have pushed me to believe in myself . I am eternally grateful. 


P.S. I’ll be posting now more often so please keep being open and honest with these ideas the success of this blog depends on it

The Social web– how to use Facebook Twtter or MySpace to grow or KILL your business?

24 12 2010

1st you NEED to realize that your business is complete different and should be treated as such then your personal pages. People put up profiles on social websites for a few reasons– get new friends, keep in touch with old friends or have a place to voice your thoughts and opinions among people they like and or trust. HOWEVER– Your business should only be on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace for  ONE pure Goal– To make money !!!!

This is extremely important because many business owners are  running their personal and business profile the same way and it can ruin your business forever!

and you work this utilizing these methods

3  REASONS–and only 3– 1)To get people to spend more money when they buy (if they buy $10 use it for promos to get them to spend $12 next time) and  2) How to get them to buy what you have more often (if they buy once a month to get them to buy once every two or three weeks ) and lastly 3) how to get one customer to bring in more customers (what is going to cause one person to tell the people they trust or trust them that you exist and they support your business as well — growing a customers circle of influence to benefit you)

For you business realize this what you put on on the web is permanent one and you can NEVER retract it. It is called Caching of a webpage in which your browser saves every version of a website to see this use the home of Googles Wayback machine.  And what your thing as a funny , cool or neat idea or opinion your OTHER visitors might not  agree with and THEREFORE my chose to NOT use your business because they read such things even though you do. This is a HUGE point for those people that have never used your business in the past and are searching the web to determine IF they are going to use your business today. Think about how often you use review sites to purchase a product to see generally how people feel about it. Its great because they are people you don’t know and there for are mostly just speaking pure about their experience. PEOPLE ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING WITH YOUR BUSINESS .



IF YOU WANT POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS OVER YOUR COMPETITION email me at and will show you how exactly drive the web, social media and review sites in your favor .

Growing fast is not nearly as important as growing strong

18 12 2010

People always ask me for ideas that can grow their sales fast which is very easy for me. The problem is they get annoyed when I tell them to slow down and build great systems underneath the business before I build or while I build the sales. Here’s the thing everybody doesn’t realize to many sales can kill you your business faster than low sales because if the systems/ methods /structure you have in place can’t handle the growth. It will crush you and your customers will be very upset and probably leave . So I ask my clients “Do you  want to be here in five years or do you just want me to double your sales now?” If you interest in working with me be prepared with an answer I’m going to ask you as well.

How to get you customers to want to call you back

18 06 2010

One of the things that I been working on lately is doing some coaching and training for sales professionals and since I thought some of the lessons I’m teaching them you guys could benefit from ……

Let me ask you this what is the ONLY reason you leave a voicemail? Its to get you customers to stop what they are doing and call you back as soon as possible … It is NOT to introduce yourself, help them to remember that you are still there or give them your phone number so they can call when they get around to it.

First is the voicemail is a great sales tool which many people don’t know how to use to get the most from impact from.I’m going to show you what people do wrong, why and the simple way to design a voicemail that invokes the action that you want.  The very first mistake business owners make is that they assume that you can leave voicemails that are like you are calling a family  member and that once they hear you voice they will just call back but you customers are busy and they need a great reason to return your call. So an example of the above  would be “Hi this is ________ from _______ please give me a call when you have the chance at ___________ ” The reason this doesn’t work is there is no reason “why” they should AND your making the assumption that they know exactly who you are which they might not remember you.

You have to give a great reason to call you sometimes it can be something they really want  but even better is triggering a pain point and telling them that you can solve it. The second reason you have to meet is to create action there is no way I know beside screaming “FIRE” to invoke action is to ask a really compelling, evoking and powerful question.

So heres a general example  Hi this is Tom from ____________ and I many customers tell me they struggle with _________   I’m calling to see if looking to overcome this challenge  in the next 30 days, If so give me a call at _____________ or email me ___________. I look forward to hearing from you if this would benefit you. Now thats I a rough and straight to the point but the it gets people to call me back.

Remember this I talk about giving lots of customer value and that what you have to think about when leaving a voicemail — What is the real value the customer is going to get by calling you back? And start with that idea. If you are looking for help in this area I’d be happy to design a voicemail for you that will get a good response and I guarantee the results (contact me at for rate information)

Have you taken this sales tool for granted lately?

1 01 2010

Your website–you know that thing that sells for you when your sleeping or off doing other things. Most people feel that they can just put it out there and thats it. NO!!! You have to check on it everyday . Look at it from an outside perspective– like your a customer not the owner– Do all the links work and are still relevant? If you have a store front change the format pictures, layout a little or even figure out way to make the ordering process even easier for your customers (think Apple App easy). Just remember your website only  works as hard as you do to keep it quick, fast, relevant to keep it going your business. Remember –It’s not a static object even though it may feel that way when you are doing the backend work to it.