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27 06 2012

The best time to pray 2 god is while your untangling your headphones believe me it speeds up the process- said by Tom Titlow Jr on June 27th 2012

Do you realize that nobody ever talks about how much Steve Jobs empowered the customer

8 06 2012

I think the biggest thing Steve Jobs did was show people how important they were. For the first time ever he put the customer at the center of everything he did. Steve jobs keynotes weren’t about product introductions as much as they were the future instructional guide to new products. Have you ever wondered why every other CEO in technology sounds like a babbling idiot where 15 years ago the same conversation was an exciting display of computing power. See every other CEO put the machine, technology or whatever he wanted ahead of you the customer and said if you want a,b, and c capability you have to buy this to get it. Everybody dominated the customer mostly out of confusing them. Other CEOs would stand and still do saying mines faster, better, cheaper and they never ever tell us why those things are important to us. Steve Jobs always startedvwith the ultimate customer question . How to does having a b and c capability how does that change your life for the better? . It was never about the device instead it was ONLY it always how it could change you life if you used it. One great Steve gift he never said to the customer you need to buy this for these reasons. Instead he started with this what we have , this why it makes sense and here’s how to use it.

Think about this very powerful point — what happened to the instruction booklet.? Yes you remember that book that when you paid for your technology taught you HOW to use it. Usually written very bad but without it we could even answer these simple questions without it. How does it turn on, how to I put the batteries in right, and the best one that all devices from your VCR, cordless phones , alarm clocks and microwaves and don’t. Forget the Walkman even need this answered– How do I set this stupid clock anyway? . It was your role to figure it out for yourself and that was an extremely frustrating process . People hated the idea of the time it would take to learn how to use these great capabilities . This exactly why the tablet computer was around for years and a complete failure until the iPad showed up. The more complex the technology the longer it took to learn. Apple will never be beat for one reason that no matter what happens the customer is always the center of attention in every single thing they do. Technology was made for geeks not humans until Steve showed back up in 1997. Even though I never met my hero I could absolutely hear him ” We need to make this so simple and so intuitive the customers will forget they even need an instruction booklet. ” Here’s where you can truly see how extremely important your confidence is to Apple and this is how Steve turned the tables on his competition. Remember what would happen at Christmas with one instruction manual was missing. It was complete and utter disappointment till you found it. And yet I’ve never heard one person ever say this to me “where the instructions ?”when opening an Apple product. When you have created something so easy to use people don’t expect instructions or need them you have accomplished a miracle. You’ve given people the time back they had lost in the past. The power of the customers time ,confidence and trust that is generated to just start using the device instead of having to take time to learn how to by reading a book is enormous . How long did it take you to learn about you Sony discman versus your iPod or your old cellphone versus the iPhone and the most time consuming of all PC versus a Mac.
To think that my $700 iPad didn’t need any instructions to use is astounding. Can you do the same thing with a pc ? Nope and its Not even close.

The best sales advice EVER

25 04 2012

Record all you phone presentations and review them. Ask yourself one question over and over– what can I do to improve this interaction and get my customer to feel more satisfaction and be happier by the time they get off the phone with me? If you keep finding ways to improve before you know you will be number 1. I’ve done it several times.

Pull me Under — Dream Theater

27 06 2011

“Every breath brings me one less too my last.” Great point in perspective,

“Every step brings me closer my last”

Stephen Covey –Begin with the end in mind— Habit #2

These two lines from one of my favorite songs really help me to maintain focus when I get overwhelmed or lose sight of what i’m really trying to accomplish. Many times looking at the big picture and stepping back from the day to day procedures of running your business and asking yourself “In the end what do I want? What do I want those around me to feel or see ? How do I want to be remembered? What do I want to say I did for my community with this business? How do i see the end of this business (selling it, retiring and closing or passing it on to the family or friends I cherish most?)

These questions aren’t easy but the are substantial in stature for your life and your business. Begin with the end in mind making problem solving easy because you don’t get wrapped up in the trivial parts of a problem like blame for instance –(when does that really help anyway?). Instead you have the ability to see beyond the challenges and focus on why we want to solve the problem. The answers of how will come much easier.


To many resources vs too little when fear hits

18 06 2011

One of those topics business owners don’t consider often enough is their mindset or comfort level when a crisis hits and how many resources they have and how to best utilize them. The problem is FEAR. Fear triggers us to think in terms of scarcity instead of over abundance. We have to learn to plan for these situations BEFORE they occur. Inventory at busy times is great example –what is your plan when you run out of your best seller while you have a line?

Thank you to all the people who believed in me I am expanding this blog

6 06 2011

When I started this blog a few years ago the only thing I wanted it for was a place to store my business ideas so I could use them later. I did absolutely no promotion hell I didn’t even tell my own family it existed until I got to 10,000 hits. I found out that people are really looking for the business ideas that I had in always kept to myself. It’s been a humbling experience to say the least but now going to go out and live my dream of taking these ideas which I have gotten make emails and comments about in the global world instead of just my local one. The number one request that I have gotten in an email message from the readers of this site has been this “how do I apply your ideas to my business? ” I have given limited answers but I want to give more so I have started Impact Business Consultants (website announcement soon) which will allow me to take all my time and energy and focus it on your business. So before I could send you resources I thought would be best but because I didn’t have time to research your industry, business model, or sales and marketing efforts, etc I didn’t get to involved like I do with my local clients because they are paying the bills. I really never offered you my paid services because I was used to meeting my clients in person. However with the attention this blog has gotten very overwhelming. Now over 43,000 views have hit this blog something I never even dreamed of or really focused on. I offering you the same service and some even better than I do now but their will be a cost involved and I will be taking on just a few clients and no competitors in your industry– first come only one served. If you are interested in getting more of a hands on approach where I can guarantee my results please call me immediately at 302-757-0210 or email me at I am going to offer my service at a reduced rate because I am looking for the tele or web-based business referrals.

Again I Humbly thank you .You believed in me and have pushed me to believe in myself . I am eternally grateful. 


P.S. I’ll be posting now more often so please keep being open and honest with these ideas the success of this blog depends on it

The Secret to True Success in life and Business

26 08 2010

“Learn to fail faster than anybody else and do it again”–ME

Everybody know that success will never bring more success so I’ve mastered the art of failure. I’m not kidding I fail faster than anybody I know and then I learn from what went wrong. I can analyze my failure faster than anyone I study them intently because its like trying to find the missing puzzle piece that always eludes you.  I know exactly what i’m looking for the piece that isn’t working. But this isn’t for the weak I’m alway tearing myself  apart(or at least the things that I do ) and demanding more of myself than others ever will. But my failure brings me astounding success and its almost uncanny  how consistently it happens.  The key is to separate who you are from what you are trying to do. Don’t take things personally your trying to accomplish a result thats it.

Believe me if you tear down your failure fast you’ll be miles ahead of everybody else