Finally Seth Godin Wins big time

Many years ago I was turned onto Seth Godin who wrote about permission marketing which is the idea that marketing should be asking for permission instead of interupting to get your attention. It was a great idea but why would business change if it didn’t have to? Advertising has always worked by interupting you as the price to play. Advertisers are the ones that are really paying for you to get that tv show, feel paper of a magazine of newspaper and so you can go to that website you like so much. So they force feed you ads that probrably are not relevant at all to you but they are mostly paying for the ability to control your attention. That was until this Thursday when Steve jobs announced I Ad is part of iPhone 4.0 finally ads that are very relevant to you because Steve Jobs decided to change yet another industry. You need to view the webinar on apples site. Advertising that is fun entertaining and unbelievably really enjoyable to view and be a part of. Did you know that you can design you own Nike shoe? I didn’t until I saw it in an I Ad demo. Why Apple made it fun to create just shake to change like the etch a sketch for designing sneakers. This is just the beginning but if you want to be on the iPhone platform you are going have to create great astounding ways to get you customers attention long enough to keep then interested. Thank you Seth Godin and Steve Jobs for giving the power back to the consumer –let the next revolution begin.

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