out of the box

Sometimes you have to get a little nuts to make alot of money. So those ideas that are crazy but work for those who can apply them correctly will go here. This is going to be for SBO’s that like to take risks. This is the test area and treat it like dynamite these may blow up in your face but then again they may accomplish the job quicker, faster and alot better than any of us even realize. These ideas will be random so what you find is what you get. Try them anyway you can but let all of our little community know what happened. REMEMBER like everything else on this blog it was created so WE ALL can help each other make more money faster in whatever endeavor we are in by sharing what works or doesn’t but more importantly why so we can replicate the success or not try the way in which we may fail. So I will wish you all unlimited abundance.

The 1 idea I have it getting into the right mindset. So this next week Look for just crazy insane ideas from anywhere in your life. You want to get your feet wet and doing this will start you off by geeting in the water–you know you have to be in the water in order to start swimming. Don’t just look at business just look everywhere and accept those thought you have as great. If you see something that shakes you up and doesn’t make sense then GREAT you doing it right. Change your routinue this week if you drive a routine path to go somewhere pull out a map and take a new way. Then pay attention to the surroundings this may sound stupid and simple but believe when I say the most profound things ALWAYS are stupid and simple. See how many things you can do differently this week and just make it your oppurtunity to play have a little fun. You not going to find that idea right away this takes time. The dividends are huge the crazy you think and do. I personally love making a fool of myself in order to grow ask anybody that knows me I don’t wait to have a fun time in life instead I create it. In time you’ll notice your mind drift off in new directions let it wander see where it takes you at first it’s scary but when you get used it its so cool. I have been doing for so many years that my mind always searches for the things I Don’t understand that don’t make sense to me. As an example I never watch the news because I’m to busy doing instead of sitting there look for things that will upset me that I will never have any control of. Why reinforce the negative? I got enough of it without ever looking for more we all do. Instead I love all educational channels the discovery, travel, history programs are great. i’m alway look through the TV guide for that which I DON’T understand or better my “why in the world would somebody ever……?That’s completely insane.” I watch people like Dog the bounty hunter, Criss Angel Mindfreak or The Jeff Corwin experience (I would never go looking for deadly animals but he does–that’s insane but to my point this people all have tv show and make millions for what we would NEVER even consider attempting–at least I wouldn’t.)

The point is this you HAVE to keep you mind as open as possible at all time so when that truely unbelievable idea stops by you Don’t refuse is because it is foriegn to you instead invite it in and see if you can form it to make you new income stream you never know where when how what form it will show up in but getting ready to recieve it when it does is why I wanted to start with it.

I love my life for one reason its constant unknown adventure that constant keep me on my toes and I look at my life just like my rollercoasters the bigger, faster taller and more scary the better. I’m alway growing and creating things usually ideas for my clients that make them tons of money.

For me I have no limits and i’m living every second to the fullest. Those close with me joke and say Tom thinking out of the box,(lol)heck we can’t even find the box he came from if we could maybe he’d calm down and take a nap. Why sleep when you could help others make more money?

So what do you do to stay on your toes?

What 3 things did you do differently or learn today?

#2 Find people to disagree and debate with. You can’t think outside the box with people who always agree with you. Just to see outside you need somebody with a new point of view. Now it can be on everything or nothing but somebody that pushes your buttons that gets you to consider answers that expand your possiblities and in this sake your profitablity.This is constuctive arguing so DON’T ever get hung up on right or wrong (left for that matter HAHA)You are not doing this in order to be right but your doing it to change. How you consider answers and change your way of thinking in order to create new ideas to problems . I call it throwing you in the wall of your box so you decide to climb out instead of getting beat up.

I have 3 best friend and this is going to sound nuts but 1 of them the only things we have ever done is argue ever since we met I was working on a book and I was bouncing the book tiltle off everybody to seeing if It was interesting enough to buy. Everybody loved my title and my ideas but not him he said you can come up with something better. I got pissed slammed down the phone and took a long walk and I thought “how dare he” and”I’ll show him ” and by the time I got back I created 10 more titles. Now before I called him I told the original people what happened with him and the new titles. I set out to prove him wrong but I learned a extremely powerful lesson that day. People liked the original title however 2 of the new(angry titles) literally grabbed the attention I could see the reaction on their face change. That’s what I was looking for when I started. I did not want was a interesting title but rather one that caused then to pick up the book and read a bit that’s what SELLS the book. So that argument made me alot more money.

So I know where ever I have 2 similar ideas or I need a new spark I call him and we get into these heated discussions about why this or that doesn’t work but everytime I find a better solution out of the blue than I had before. People think were brothers or hate each other but we have a friendship where hurting the others ego to help him grow or both is what we do best.

We are completely honest and we don’t hold back at all.We push the other person through their stubbon thinking to get better answers that ALWAYS benefit us both. Then we go out have a beer and laugh about the whole thing until the next time.

So find somebody that has different opnion from you and start constructive arguments you be amazed at how much they benefit you.

Everybody has stubborn thinking don’t let yours stop you from greatness!!!

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21 11 2011
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