Services I offer to truly impact your organization

(this page is a work in progress so keep your eyes peeled)

Sales and marketing consulting guaranteed to gave your organizations profits by 20% over the next year–$2500 Hour plus all expenses

Instant Growth in about a hour—Its not secret that organizations spend all their time working IN their company with keeps the business alive but very little if any working ON the business to set and plan where they want it to be in the next 6 months, year or 5 years and the plan its going to take to get there. This is absolutely necessary if you want to business your building to outlast the competition and LEAVE a LEGACY   $750 hour– plus all expenses

Sales Coach

Emergency Room Sales Doctor —

Consider this situation you have a sales opportunity that you really thought that you had you could taste it and for some reason slam the who thing falls through. You can’t figure it out it’s baffling the customer needs the product but they can’t seem to realize it. The great thing about sales is that no sale is truly ever dead and if you feel that you really want this sale, opportunity, or customer it can be turned around with a new approach that speaks the customers language instead of the one that you are comfortable with.  Most sales are lost NOT because the customer doesn’t need your product but they DON”T realize why the do need your product. Thats what I can help with. For those sales that have flatlined that you really want to bring back to life but need expert expertise that show you how to approach, reformulate and get a plan that will ensure success. 100-250 and hour depending on the size of the overall opportunity

Getting most powerful message to your customers

Are the  voicemail messages your leaving getting prospects or customers to call you back? If your not getting the results your looking for I can guarantee the results –my voicemail gets the results by getting your customer or prospects to TAKE ACTION

Email me at for more specifics


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