Five Guys Burgers — How to Absolutely ensure Customer Happiness

4 07 2008

 In yet another great and revolutionary statement “5 Guys Burgers” does it again!!!!   This is the sign in the famous eatery.YOU DESERVE TO BE 100% SATISFIED– If not please inform the manager who will make things right.  I love that last part “WHO WILL MAKE THINGS RIGHT” there is no doubt to what their intent is when it comes to your satisfaction. All small business should adopt this very strong stand when it comes to the customers experience while they are guests in your establishment.


Five guys Burgers–Audacity to increase desire

2 12 2007

One of the greatest things about 5 Guys burgers is how in your face upfront they are. First the burgers are made literally right in front of you (imagine if your auto mechanic did that–let you watch what he was doing). Then as your waiting for your order they have at perfect eye level every review of their burgers for all over the US. What that says to me is our burgers are great PERIOD.  Remember I haven’t taken a bite yet but I saying how confident is that–how do they know if I’LL like it? I was ALMOST waiting to prove them wrong because of how OVER the top they are saying they are. I just love the concept –we are so sure you’ll like it that we are willing to show you what others are saying. By the way it’s not one magazine this display covers the whole eating area. The nice part is after you bite into one and you look along those walls  and then you realize how ABSOLUTELY right they all were.