The answer even Warren Buffet is looking for — How do we stop being confused, fearful and start building the confidence we need to turn this GREAT country around

“This is just the beginning I will be going deeper in this story and the solutions daily”

On monday even the greatest investor EVER admitted that our economy has fallen off a cliff. The real terrifying part of the interview was that he admitted that even he doesn’t have a clue where the bottom is. However I do well at least I have a real good idea of what is causing the fear and confusion and the answer is as simple as ever pure and simple GREED.  People are looking are looking at these unemployment numbers of literally epic proportions 8.1% of the USA and they are increasing. Those people that still have jobs are doing every  possible thing to keep their jobs and every single one of them has seen WAY to much reality TV where only one person WINS. Nobody is looking at what is what the problems are they are only protecting themselves so they aren’t the the ones that will  be included in the 8.2 % ,or more for march. What’s happened is the the other 91% of people are convinced that they are next and they everybody knows somebody that can ‘t feed their family , pay their mortgage or get unemployment benefits etc, etc and they are doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to not be unemployed include throw others under the bus jsut so somebody does throw them . To put it simply “survivor ” is no longer just a TV show it’s corporate america. Having our lives controlled by this much fear of loss is creating the one the thing we are all trying to avoid LOSS. We all need to stop and realize that fear only FEEDS and is nourished by one thing FEAR.

I figured this out when I listen to 6 different people in my life in 6 different parts or the country and 6 completely different industries, job titles, and seniority and the all of the sudden they were telling  the exact same story to me the one that that was happening in my office . I’m going to tell  the story to see if you cant relate.

Remember these very key points for what’s is occuring

–We are ALL going through this together  everybody is being affected by this finacial meltdown there is nobody thats no being affected in some way

— We are looking at the wrong side of the equation– we are focusing on quantity when we really NEED to be focusing on quality

–Facing this crisis as if its only our lives that are being affected is exactly what is causing the fear as much as we are reacting to this WE NEED to change the way we are looking at this or it we consume us too– being fearful WILL bring you exactly the thing you are trying to avoid–LOSS

–F.E.A.R–Forgetting Everything And Reacting  or Face Everything and Recover

–The only way out of this is not to avoid it but to go straight through it NOT alone but together

—  In being accountable we need to admit —We are all acting completely irrrationally in some way to protect ourselves its hurting ourselves and those around us

–Cutting costs , firing employees, pulling back isn’t going to help us, greed , letting our emotions get the best of us —isn’t working we NEED to start doing the OPPOSITE of these things in order  to get out of this fiasco

–We need accountability, humility, empathy, compassionate , Selflessness, unconditional giving, believing is others

—The companies that eneregize , support and collaborate with their employess the best are the ones that will win

— Those who give their employees as well as their customers the most insanely great reasons to be confident and those that will dominate in the coming turnaround


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